Quality Control

Inc’s translations are noted for their clarity.

The format and style of the original document is followed closely and the entire translation returned in easy to understand Welsh.

Inc has a rigorous quality control process

  • Every translation is given an unique reference number and is tracked throughout all its stages
  • All of Inc’s translators are members of Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru, the Association of Welsh Translators, the accreditation body for Welsh language translators
  • Every translation is proof read by a second translator
  • The translation is then amended and approved by Wil Roberts, Inc’s Principal Translator, who signs it off.

Inc uses Welsh spell checking tools, it has a large library of dictionaries and glossaries and uses modern web based glossaries.

Inc has professional indemnity insurance of £250,000. No claim has ever been received.

Inc employs freelance translators as required. Each one is a Member of the Association of Welsh Translators and their work is proof read by Wil Roberts before being returned to the client.

“My children’s magazine has to be approved be the head of education within Gwynedd County Council who is extremely particular about the Welsh translation. He always complements the translation and is impressed with Inc’s work.”
Esther Williams, Plant Eryri

“Inc are quick to turnaround translations which is essential as we work in a busy press office. They are always high quality and very reliable.”
Curig Jones, Environment Agency Wales

Who’s Who at Inc

Sue Roberts

  • Managing Director Inc Cyfieithu Cyf
  • Experienced Public Relations operator, former Publicity and Press Officer for Sain Records, the largest Welsh language recording company in Wales and which operates through the medium of Welsh
  • Former advertising executive on the Cambrian News, a local paper covering Mid, West and North West Wales
  • Experienced events organizer, including the ground breaking ecumenical service at Westminster Cathedral on St John Roberts’ 400th anniversary, the first time for an Archbishop of Canterbury to preach at the Cathedral – and Rowan Williams did so in Welsh

Wil Roberts

  • Director Inc Cyfieithu Cyf
  • Full Member of the Association of Welsh Translators
  • Former Principal Estates Officer, Gwynedd Council ,Senior Surveyor, Agricultural Development and Advisory Service, Research Officer, Welsh Folk Museum, St Fagan
  • Former editor y Ddraig Goch, sub editor Welsh Nation, columnist Y Cymro, Herald Cymraeg, Y Faner
  • Author of numerous Welsh language publications on agriculture and conservation